02/05/2010 - Daily Express Obituary

2nd May 2010

Researching the archive of the Daily Express, I found the obituary of Petrus Arendzen, printed in the edition of Friday Dec 16th, 1932, the day after his death. The article appeared on the front page complete with photograph. I would reproduce it here but, after reading the conditions attached to the archive, there would appear to be a copyright problem.

According to the obituary, Petrus’s father was a sculptor and was responsible for many of the sculptures in the House of Commons. This is news to me and I wonder whether they are confusing him with Stracké, who was Petrus’s father in Law. However, streaks of creativity do run through generations, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Petrus’s father were an artist.

The article also mentioned the rather touching circumstances of his death. When Petrus knew he was dying, he summoned his four sons who were priests to his bedside. His eldest son, John, obtained special permission from the bishop so that mass could be said at his bedside in the family home at Quex Road. All four priests said mass together and at the end of the service, after uttering the final words ” Go, it is finished” Petrus died.