William's USA Citizenship Application.

William's USA Citizenship Application.

Four years after arriving in the United States, aboard the SS Laurentic, William applied for permanent residency there. The chronology is a puzzle because, although Petrus moved his family to London in 1873, William was born in Amsterdam some eleven years later and, according to the declaration shown here, apparently remained a Dutch citizen.

The SS Laurentic was completed by Harland and Wolff in Belfast and made her maiden voyage in 1909 from Liverpool to Montreal and Quebec. She subsequently made many voyages carrying emigrants to Canada and the New World from Britain.

The SS Laurentic was selected by the Admiralty in 1914 as a transport vessel and later as an auxilliary cruiser. William sailed in her to the United States in September 1914, so it’s quite possible that this was the SS Laurentic’s last voyage in that role.

Archive: Matthew Stancombe.


  • William Arendzen at Quex Road
  • Certificate commemorating William's Ordination and First Mass in Montana.
  • William Arendzen
  • William Arendzen aboard ship
  • William's USA Citizenship Application.
  • William (centre) - probably at the mission in Montana
  • William writes in the Indian Sentinel about the destruction of the St Labre Mission church
  • William Arendzen, parish priest at Porthcawl, Wales.
  • William Arendzen

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