William Arendzen aboard ship

William Arendzen aboard ship

William (left) with the Dean of Quebec (centre) on a ship bound for America, presumably to take up his post at the St Labre Indian Mission.

The third priest is identified but the last part of his name is missing – we can only make out the words “Rev. Charbona…”.

Archive: Matthew Stancombe.


  • William Arendzen at Quex Road
  • Certificate commemorating William's Ordination and First Mass in Montana.
  • William Arendzen
  • William Arendzen aboard ship
  • William's USA Citizenship Application.
  • William (centre) - probably at the mission in Montana
  • William writes in the Indian Sentinel about the destruction of the St Labre Mission church
  • William Arendzen, parish priest at Porthcawl, Wales.
  • William Arendzen

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