Johan Stracké

Johan (Jean) Theodore Stracké, was the son of sculptor Ignatius Johannes Stracké and Ursula de Ruijter. He was born in Dorsten, Germany in 1817 and moved, with his parents, to Arnhem, Holland in 1822.

Johan became a student of William Geefs in Brussels before spending some time in England, Germany and France. He then settled in Rotterdam in 1848 where he was appointed professor at Rotterdam Academy.

In 1854, Johan married Leontine Virginie Epiphanie Marchal (1823-1891). Her father, François Joseph Ferdinand MARCHAL (1780-1858), was a Belgian, descending from Prince Charles of Lorraine. Her mother, Isabelle Euphémie Victoire DIEZ (1796-1864) also a Belgian, was born in Antwerp. They produced a daughter Epiphania and two sons, Francis and Leo, who were both sculptors. Epiphania, married Petrus Arendzen.

After 1860, Johan moved back and forth between Holland and Germany before becoming director of Ecole des Beaux-Arts at 's-Hertogenbosch (Herzogenbusch) from 1876 to 1891. He died in Cologne, Germany in 1891.

The Rijksmuseum lists five works by Johan and the Rotterdam Museum lists four. If you click the links to these museums, under 'Useful Links,' you can search their collections.