Franz Stracké

Franciscus Xaverius Stracké, son of sculptor and painter Ignatius Stracké and younger brother of Johan, was born in Dorsten, Germany in 1820. He was taught sculpture in his father's Berlin studio. The family moved to Arnhem, Holland when Franz was twenty two. Franz eventually settled in Amsterdam in 1869 and became professor at the Amsterdam Academy in 1870.

Franz Stracke married Johanna Geertruida Verwaijen ( 1814-1877 ) in 1847 and they produced a daughter and two sons; the painter, Lodevikus Ignatius Stracke (1856-1934 ) and the sculptor Franciscus Xavierus Stracké (1850-1888). In May 1878 , Franz was married again to Sara Hendrina Josina van Bosse ( 1837-1922 ). He died in Baarn, Utrecht in 1898.

Franz (Frans) Stracké is often associated with his impressive, grand memorials but he also produced intimate, human pieces such as "The Two Mothers" which is exhibited at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. There is a picture of this piece on the next page.

The Rijksmuseum lists twelve works by Franz and the Rotterdam Museum lists one. If you click the links to these museums, under 'Useful Links,' you can search their collections.