An illustrated history of the Arendzen and Stracké families.

Arendzen Family 
I am compiling an illustrated history of the Arendzen and Stracké families, who were joined by marriage when the Dutch artist, Petrus Arendzen, married Epiphania, daughter of the German sculptor, Johan Stracké.

However, there were other distinguished members of both families. Johan Stracke had two brothers, Gottfried and Franz, the latter being a sculptor as was their father, Ignatius. Franz's son, Louis, was a painter. Petrus and Epiphania Arendzen had nine children, one of whom was the writer and scholar John Arendzen. Of their other sons, Leo was a portrait painter and William had been made an honorary Indian chief whilst working as a missionary in Montana.

Although I hold a number of photographs and works, the story would be incomplete without the many contributions from family members and others who contacted me after seeing the website (see 'Sources' link). If anyone has any further information or material and would like to contribute, please get in touch.


Peter Stone
(great grandson of Petrus Arendzen)